Zadarma Project News

New conditions for calls to Lithuania and 4 other EU countries


Save 80% on calls to Lithuania! From now, Lithuania is added to the list of countries with special rates for calls from EU numbers. Calls from EU numbers will allow to save on communication with Lithuania. Also updated rates for calls from non-EU countries to 4 other countries (Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland), which is required to guarantee correct non-EU CallerID passing. To save funds we recommend to call to all listed countries only from EU numbers.

Enlarged coverage of numbers in Spain and Ukraine


Added possibility to connect mobile numbers in Spain, which allow to receive both calls and SMS. Also new numbers in Ukraine (Kyiv and toll free 800) are available now, which are significantly cheaper than alternatives.

New offer: save 80% on calls in Europe


Zadarma Project provides new rates for calls to 11 European countries: on 20-80% lower then current rates. Main peculiarity - they are effective only for calls from European numbers (with European CallerID). To make calls with European CallerID you need to confirm your existing European number (or buy new number) and set needed CallerID in «...

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New service: call recordings storage in PBX


Zadarma Project offers new convenient service for IP PBX users: call recordings storage in cloud. There is no need to use additional post service for call recordings. Saved recordings can be played or downloaded directly in PBX statistics or via API. 200 MB in cloud repository (или storage) is provided fo...

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Call recording function update


On users' desire, updated call recording function. From now all records are sent in MP3, which is easily played in any browser.