Zadarma Project News

New service: call recordings storage in PBX


Zadarma Project offers new convenient service for IP PBX users: call recordings storage in cloud. There is no need to use additional post service for call recordings. Saved recordings can be played or downloaded directly in PBX statistics or via API. 200 MB in cloud repository (или storage) is provided for free.

Call recording function update


On users' desire, updated call recording function. From now all records are sent in MP3, which is easily played in any browser.

Four new features for mobile VoIP customers


Zadarma Project prepared 4 updates for mobile users: 1. Mobile version of Callback page became more convenient; 2. Mobile version of Zadarma website can be easily read on any smartphone; 3. New version of Zadarma app for iPhone can be set easier and faster; 4. New ...

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Widened coverage and cut prices on toll-free numbers


Widened coverage of toll-free numbers in 10 countries: Belgium, Hungary, Virgin islands, Greece, Dominican Republic, Israel, Canada, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Korea. cut prices for numbers 800 in 14 countries: Austria, Denmark, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic.

5 new functions for web developers


Zadarma Project presents 5 new functions for web developers. Three new functions of API: /tariff/ - information about current tariff plan; /sim/ - information about SIM-cards; /direct_numbers/ - information about DID numbers. And also 2 new functions of Callback widget: event for analytics for delayed call; transfer of variables for event call.