Zadarma Project News

Price cut and new coverage of toll-free numbers


Reduced prices for Russian toll-free numbers and new offer: toll-free numbers in Ukraine. Prices are decreased for the first time including current active numbers.

Reduced prices on roaming SIM-cards


November 30, 2015, changed the prices on roaming SIM-card from Zadarma: 1. Reduced prices for Internet and created a bundle "Global Internet"; 2. After each SIM card activation 3 EUR is given as a gift; 3. In countries with additional payment for roaming payment is decreased.Details.

Good pair: twin numbers 8-800 + 8-499


Unique offer from Zadarma - 2 twin numbers: federal number 800 for calls from all regions of Russia and absolutely the same Moscow number for calls in Moscow and region. Twin numbers will satisfy needs both of small and large business. No monthly fee! Note: quantity of twin numbers is limited. Details.

3 new functions of Zadarma system


Among useful features there are the following functions for user convenience: 1) Modified calendar of working hours in IP PBX. Now you can set different working hours for different days. 2) Widened functionality of calls via API (CallBack). Now instead of one of the numbers you can set scenario of PBX, also in parameter SIP you can set internal number of IP PBX with calls recording that allows to record calls made via API. 3) In profile settings ...

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Rates decrease for calls to Kazakhstan and on DID numbers of Almaty.


Now calls on mobile networks of Kazakhstan became cheaper. Also cut price for DID number of Almaty. You can see new rates for calls on our website  Tariffs/Calls. On special page you can choose and  connect phone number in Almaty.