Zadarma Project News

New service: SIM-cards for roaming


Zadarma Project starts to sell roaming SIM-cards, which allows to use in mobile phone all rates and opportunities of IP-telephony and IP PBX. SIM-card can be ordered by any user of Zadarma, it will be delivered by post or courrier company. Cards are connected to sip number or internal number of cloud PBX. No additional settings are required in your phone. About all advantages and use conditions of SIM-cards you can read on website.

Zadarma project launched API interface


From now Zadarma users can work both in personal account and API interface. API interface helps to integrate Zadarma service with your own websites and applications and also to combine with any CRM-systems and softphones for call centers. In API are available all main functions of personal account and also some aerlier unavailable functions (for example predictive dialing, incoming call notification on external server). API description is availab...

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Much more phone numbers to choose! Choose numbers in new cities and toll-free numbers.


In Zadarma system are opened new lists of numbers to choose. Added possibility to choose numbers in Krakow, Porto, Frankfurt, Munich and for toll-free numbers in the USA (1-888 code). Also in Moscow are available "bronze", "silver", "gold" numbers. Each user can choose good looking phone number on his demand.

Zadarma Project presents VoIP application for iOS.


Zadarma Project developed its own VoIP application for iPhone and iPad. Zadarma application allows not only to make calls, but also to receive calls (works in background up to 2 hours). Besides outgoing/oncoming calls VoIP client Zadarma provides several useful functions: call recording, sending/receiving text messages or SMS; video calls; free hosted IP PBX. Big variety of audio codecs will allow to use Internet channels of different quality. Ap...

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New service from Zadarma – recurrent payments


For more convenience for users of Zadarma we offer new service – recurrent payments. You can make regular any payment via Visa/MasterCard! For that enable option «recurrent monthly payment» near "Top up account by: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)", enter amount and date of payment. Each month specified amount will be charged from yor bank card. Regular payments allow not to worry about number disconnection in case if you forget to make payment! Al...

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