Zadarma Project News

Great expansion of coverage. Choose number option in 70 major cities of the world!


We have widened coverage of both landline numbers and Toll Free numbers 800. Also we added new possibility to choose number in 70 major cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Vienna, Dublin, Geneva, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Lublin, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tokyo, Helsinki, Zurich. In all cities from the list we made procedure of connection easier with less documents required. In many cities from the list we provide 10-30 incoming lines for free. Also we enlarged the list of countries where you can buy Toll Free number 800 up to 40. Now you can buy numbers in such countries as: India, Indonesia, China.

New website of Zadarma Project


Updated all main parameters: structure, design, texts. New interface is based not only on tendency to update, but also on will to correspond current requests of our users. You can send your offers about new design of website and its development on

Account refill via Visa/MasterCard quicker, safer and more advantageous.


From now Zadarma account balance can be refilled via Visa/MasterCard without third party. It became easier and safer (3D secure supported). There is no additional fee when You refill account balance via Visa/MasterCard. New payment method is available for all currencies in personal account without conversion.

New cloud system of Zadarma PBX


Free IP PBX from Zadarma continues to grow. New cloud of servers is available in one of best and reliable data centers. We kindly ask all our clients of Zadarma PBX, who use Firewall, to add network ( to whitelist. There is no need to register on new servers, load will be distributed automatically.

Added new SIP server, updated setup instructions for Asterisk


We added new SIP server for registrations: . In future it will be one of the main servers for registrations. Please, allow traffic on servers,, in Your firewall settings. There is no need to register specially on it, it will be done automatically. Also updated setup instructions for Asterisk for work with Zadarma project. You can see new version in section ...

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