Zadarma Project News

New functions of IP PBX: ringback tone, blacklist, number prefix


3 updates of free PBX: 1. Added new function of free IP PBX from Zadarma - ringback tone. You can activate this function in section «Incoming calls», subsection «Settings of tunes”. 2. "Blacklist" is modified as a separate function, now You can make for it separate scenario of calls and add up to 100 undesirable numbers. 3. "Number prefix" added. In blacklist and in section "Trigger for calls from numbers" You can add now not only the number, but also phone code, for that at the end of the code add «asterisk». For example, for calls from Kazakhstan just add 77*. More about free IP PBX.

Choose number option in 12 new cities, Toll Free numbers (800) in 8 new countries!


From now You can choose virtual number and order it without connection fee in 12 new cities: London, Tel Aviv, New York, Toronto, Barcelona, Prague, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Astrakhan, Orenburg, Tula. Significantly increased the list of Toll Free numbers (800), added new 8 countries: Australia, Austria, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Peru, Estonia, Japan.

New function: export of statistics of free PBX and virtual numbers


We added new function of export of all statistics (free PBX, numbers 800, free Moscow numbers 495). Export is made in CSV and already exists for outgoing calls statistics. Eport of PBX statistics and incoming numbers allow You to analyze both incoming and outgoing calls by any convenient methods.

Cut prices for DID numbers and calls in Russia: Moscow DID numbers - $3 per month.


Significantly cut prices on Russian DID numbers and calls to Russia and also cut price for tariff plan "Corporation". Calls on Russian mobiles - from $0,046. New price for tariff plan "Corporation" - $85. Special conditions for Moscow numbers: only $3 per month for number 499 if You pay for 6 months in advance (no connection fee). On most of other Russian DIDs prices cut also.

New data centre


A new data centre is added to cloud system of Zadarma. Now Zadarma cloud has direct connection with largest world carriers and with one of the most important point of traffic exchange DE-CIX. We ask clients who use firewall to add 4 new IP addresses of Zadarma servers:,,,