Zadarma Project News

Cut prices for DID numbers and calls in Russia: Moscow DID numbers - $3 per month.


Significantly cut prices on Russian DID numbers and calls to Russia and also cut price for tariff plan "Corporation". Calls on Russian mobiles - from $0,046. New price for tariff plan "Corporation" - $85. Special conditions for Moscow numbers: only $3 per month for number 499 if You pay for 6 months in advance (no connection fee). On most of other Russian DIDs prices cut also.

New data centre


A new data centre is added to cloud system of Zadarma. Now Zadarma cloud has direct connection with largest world carriers and with one of the most important point of traffic exchange DE-CIX. We ask clients who use firewall to add 4 new IP addresses of Zadarma servers:,,,

Get free service from Zadarma for longer time


New conditions for free usage of cloud PBX. Earlier to get free cloud PBX You have to make payment at lease once per 3 months. From now all those users who make payments on big amounts, PBX will be free of charge for longer time: You can make payment from $50 only once per 6 months or from $100 per 12 months getting PBX totally for free. (For less payment amounts conditions leave the same).

New functions of Zadrma system


Added 2 new useful functions: 1) If You want to know on which number You are called, now You can easily see it and write down. Set name for each DID number and it will be displayed near the number of calling party both in softphone and in PBX statistics. 2) added possibility to set CallerID for every internal number of free cloud PBX.

Modernization of cloud PBX, new server


Zadarma project upgrades cloud PBX. We added new server to cloud system with IP Those clients, who have restricted list of servers, we kindly ask to add new IP to whitelist. There is no need to connect to new server manually. Cloud system will automaticall route calls via them.