Zadarma Project News

New unlimited price plans for calls to Europe, North and South America


New “Personal Unlimited EU” price plan offers 500 minutes for calls to mobile numbers in UK, France, Germany, Ireland and 8 other countries in Europe. Plus 500 minutes for calls to all landline numbers in Europe and 7 largest countries in the world. The price plan can be used to make calls from the EU phone numbers only.

New “Personal Unlimited US” price plan offers 1000 minutes for calls to USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, India, China and 15 other countries.

Both price plans have 1 outgoing channel restriction.

Zadarma integration with popular messengers


Zadarma now offers integration with popular instant messengers – Telegram, Facebook messenger and Slack. You can receive important notifications right in the messenger chat: missed calls in the PBX, account balance, incoming SMS messages to virtual numbers and system notifications. To set up the integration with the messengers, please go to your profile . You can enable missed call notifications i...

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Price reduction on calls to 7 countries in Latin America


Zadarma has cut prices on calls to 7 countries in Latin America - Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, ...

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New Virtual Numbers with Text Messaging in 6 Countries


We continue to expand text messaging enabled virtual phone numbers across the globe. Numbers are now available in the following countries - Australia, Chile, Poland,...

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60% Discount on Virtual Numbers in 6 Countries


Special offer: 60% discount for a full year on virtual numbers in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bogota, ...

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