Zadarma Project News

Unique offer: bronze Moscow DID numbers 495 for same price as ordinary!


Special offer only from Zadarma Project: from March, 3rd bronze Moscow DID numbers 495 are offered for the regular price. Each client has unique possibility to choose beautiful number without overpay. The pool of numbers is limited.

Modernization of cloud system, new server


Zadarma project upgrades cloud PBX. Currently we added new server with address Clients who use PBX, which have restricted list of servers, we kindly ask to add new address to the lists. PAY ATTENTION: if You want to test new server now, You need to inform our support for settings changes. In nearest future it will be one of the main servers.

Cut prices for DID numbers in 15 cities in russia, from Khabarovsk to Sochi


Cut the monthly fee and connection fee for new numbers in 15 cities in russia, among them: Chelyabinsk, Saratov, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Chita, Togliatti and others. Also almost for all these cities there is a list of available numbers in personal account on website. More details.

Updated security system


Система безпеки проекту Zadarma стає ще досконалішою. Нова версія захищає не лише від умисного злому клієнтського обладнання/програм, але і від просочування інформації по необережності клієнта (наприклад використання особистого кабінету на зламаному комп'ютері). Для використання всіх можливостей нової системи безпеки рекомендуємо відновити пароль доступу в систему і в майбутньому робити це не рідше чим раз на 6 місяців.

New Year gift - 25%


Zadarma Project congratulates all users with New Year holidays and offers to get 2 presents: 1) 10% bonus on all payments till the end of promo; 2) 15% discount on connection and first month of work of DID numbers, ordered till the end of promo. You can get both presents in total: if You top up your account balance and order DID number - You'll get 25% as a gift! Promo starts on december, 25th 2013 and ends on January, 6th 2014.