Zadarma Project News

New service: SMS receiving on DID numbers of Ukraine and Canada


Specially for users of Zadarma Project: SMS receiving on DID numbers of Canada and Ukraine. You can receive SMS on Zadarma application for Android, in personal sip account and Email. SMS receiving is free of charge and doesn't influence on cost of DID numbers (activates in section "Send SMS", for SMS receiving on Ukrainian numbers You need to upload scan copy of passport). Also there is a new function - SMS forwarding, it allows to forward received SMS on any mobile number.

Cloud system modernization, 2 new servers


Zadarma Project continues to develop. We added 2 new servers to cloud system with IP's and Those clients, who have restricted list of servers, we kindly ask to add new IP's to whitelist. There is no need to connect to new servers manually. Cloud system will automaticall route calls via them.

Federal russian number - new contact number for support


For convenience of our clients, Zadarma project added federal number 8800 in its contacts. Now You can call from any point of Russian Federation for free. Besides contact numbers are available updated web chat and ticket system. Zadarma support works 24/7.

Changes in prices on calls to some countries


Due to changes in tariff policy of some mobile operators in some countries, from the October, 1st, tariffs will be changed on these destinations. Cut prices for calls on mobiles to the Great Britain, Ialy, Czech Republic. Prices for calls on ukrainian mobiles will be raised insignificantly.

Prices cut and enlarged the list of DID numbers!


Added DID numbers in new regions of most countries of the world. On many of new DID numbers cut the prices on 30-50%. More information.