Zadarma Project News

Now it's more advantageous to top up account balance via terminals in Russia


We modified the system for payments via terminals in Russia. On new conditions, account top up becomes more advantageous. 5% bonus via terminals in Russia remains unchanged.

Price cut for calls


Special summer offer for users of "Payfree" and "Corporation" tariff plans. In "Corporation": monthly fee is reduced on $10 till October, 20th 2013. In "Payfree": amount of free minutes is increased to 400 to 35 countries forever.

Direct top up via Yandex Money


For Zadarma users there is a possibility to top up account balance directly via Yandex Money. No fee for top up is charged.

We have upgraded our system to choose numbers and added new free numbers


Now You can choose phone number in more convenient way. We added search by combination of digits, which is especially useful for numbers 8-800 and Moscow numbers. Besides that, we added new free numbers with extension dialing in 8 cities of Russia and Europe. To learn more about new functoins and numbers go to "Direct phone number" in Your personal sip account.

Numbers 7-800 become more available


Significantly cut prices on connection of Russian numbers in code 8-800. New connection fee is only $55 and no monthly fee. Also number connection proccess takes less time for this block of numbers. Moreover, cut the price for outgoing calls on all Russian numbers 800. Now it costs 0,012$ per minute and in several tariff plans calls on numbers 800 are free of charge.