Zadarma Project News

Cloud system modernization, new IP address


Zadrma Project continues to progress. At the moment we add new server to our cloud system with IP address Those clients who have restrictions on IPs we kindly ask to add new address. You can already connect to new server, it must be more convenient for keeping alive registration via NAT and receiving incoming calls. In nearest future it'll be one the main servers.

Gift for current users of Zadarma: 50% discount for 6 months.


It's profitably to be user of Zadrma Project! Only for current users who have ordered Moscow DID number in code 4996 till 06.06.2013 we offer special promo: 50% discount for 6 months on mothly fee for the number. All You need to get a gift - log in to Your personal account (Direct phone number section) and choose new number for replacement (promo is active only for number replacement).

New system of feedback with clients


We started new automatic system of requests (tickets). New system made our communication with clients easier. It helps to note and save correspondence history and makes the dialogue easier and quicker. You can find it in your personal SIP account by link "Write to support".

Now You can order DID number from Zadarma in 100 cities of Russian Federation


Zadarma Project increased list of cities of Russian Federation where You can oredr DID number. New 20 cities added in different parts of Russian Federation - from Sochi to Ussuriysk. Besides that, cut prices on connection of new DID numbers in some cities of Russian Federation. Read more.

Московські міські номери в коді 498 всього по 3$ плюс нові налаштування для номерів


For the first time on market, Zadarma Project offers connection of DID numbers in code 7498. These numbers don't differ from other Moscow landline numbers, but they are cheaper. Besides that added 2 new functions for DID numbers: number reservationand SIP forwarding on external server.