Zadarma Project News

Free cloud PBX Zadarma


Launched a revolutionary service - free cloud PBX. The new service will create a PBX and telephone communication office for 5 minutes. Besides the standard functions of PBX, the service will please long-awaited set of options: conditional forwarding, voice mail, connect the external lines, the installation prefix dialing and many more. More information about the free exchange.

A new Zadarma security feature - restriction by IP


Zadarma security system modified. Added function to limit by IP address. If you have a fixed IP address, and you are not calling from other points on the Internet, you can register your IP address in the SIP settings. Due to this, you greatly increase the reliability and security of your connection.

3 new free direct numbers added


Added new numbers with free direct extension dial in the following cities: Novosibirsk, Riga, Vilnius. Also, reduced the cost of numbers in the russian cities Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. Read more.

Prices cut on DID numbers in St. Petrsburg, Novosibirsk and Prague


The list of Russian regions in which Zadarma project provides DID numbers is widened to 31 cities. In many cities of Russia and Czech Republic cut prices for both connection fee and monthly fee. To know new prices You can on our website.

Even more free calls from Zadarma!


Project Zadarma never ceases to increase the number of free services. From today, the number of free minutes in the tariff "Free" is increased to 330! More information about the rate you can find on the site.