Zadarma Project News

Price reduction on calls to 7 countries in Latin America


Zadarma has cut prices on calls to 7 countries in Latin America - Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador. Prices on calls to most of the destinations are reduced by more than 50%.

New Virtual Numbers with Text Messaging in 6 Countries


We continue to expand text messaging enabled virtual phone numbers across the globe. Numbers are now available in the following countries - Australia, Chile, Poland,...

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60% Discount on Virtual Numbers in 6 Countries


Special offer: 60% discount for a full year on virtual numbers in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bogota, ...

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Best Terms for Russia and Germany Numbers


Virtual numbers rates reduced for 10 cities in Germany - Berlin , Dortmund , Dusseldorf , Essen , ...

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New PBX Functions and CRM Integrations


For our clients who operate call centers and use CRM integrations 2 new and useful functions have been added: limiting the number of incoming calls on each internal number will allow the operator to not be distracted by parallel requests; routing a call back to PBX when the called party isn't available will allows much better call distribution through CRM...

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