Zadarma Project News

Silver and gold Moscow DID free connection


You can often find offers to purchase a silver or golden number, but prices of the numbers connect deter most visitors. Zadarma project was first who offers free connection of silver and gold Moscow numbers. Moreover, each silver number has 15, and gold number 30 incoming lines for free. The list of DID numbers is available for selection after ordering online. Read more.

New service: Caller ID display for outgoing calls


Since now all Your friends and partners will know who calls them. You can set number display (Caller ID) of Your mobile number when making outgoing calls with our service. All You need to do is to confirm number in section "Your account" and set this function in SIP-settings. The service is free and available only for users who made payments.

Direct deposit through QIWI-wallet


All users of the project is available Zadarma direct deposit via QIWI-wallet. The system is represented by the operator QIWI, which operates the largest network of payment terminals in the CIS. To date, the system QIWI-Purse has worked in Russia and Kazakhstan will soon be launched in Ukraine. Besides running deposit of "Yandex Money" through "Interkassa", which reduced the commission three times.

Now You can get direct Moscow number for FREE!


Zadarma project launches service on providing direct Moscow phone numbers (DID). Direct numbers for Zadarma users are provided totally free, and thereby are available for calls from the Internet and telephone networks. More details You can get here.

Free DID numbers setup in 70 countries of the world!


Zadarma project is glad to announce about prices drop on DID numbers. Since today, connection of DID numbers in 70 countries of the world is free! Besides that, the proccess of connection is fully automated. You can get personal DID number in most countries of the world in couple of minutes. Here You can get details and order DID number.