Zadarma Project News

Long awaited service from Zadarma - SMS sending


From now our clients can save not only on calls to any country but on SMS sending also. Prices for SMS sending service are the same low as for countries of CIS as for the rest of the world. To use the service You have simply to get to section "Send SMS" in Your personal account. For new clients it is necessary to register (and get $0.5 for free ).

New service for clients of Zadarma - account balance notification.


Clients of Zadarma service can not to worry about their account balance. When the account balance reaches its minimal value You will get automatic notification on E-mail. You can specify comfortable minimal value in Your personal sip account in section Settings -> Your profile.

Magnificent modernization of tariff plans


As academic year comes to the end we provide 5 developments of tariff plans of Zadarma project. In tariff "Standart" the list of the countries with free minutes increases up to 5, in tariff "Free" increases up to 25, in tariff "Unlimited" increases up to 35 and in tariff "Super Unlimited" increases up to 100. Besides that, in tariff "Super Unlimited" You are given 500 minutes for calls on Russian mobile operators as a bonus.

New service - "Callback"


With the help of new service You can call to any point of the world both from mobile and landline phones. There is no need in Internet access and that is the main feature of new service. There are 3 ways to request a call. Every our client can choose its own way. Details.

Present from Zadarma project - up to 1000 minutes for every user of Facebook.


On April, 20, Zadarma project starts new promo - free outgiving of minutes to call to any country of the world. All You need to get free minutes is to click on link and share the news in social network.