Zadarma Project News

New function: authorization by IP


Specially for big clients, who have their own VoIP server, Zadarma Project offers convenient service - authorization by IP (SIP-trunk). This function is useful for those, who have ordered or confirmed many phone numbers and allows to make calls via one SIP trunk sending CallerID of desired number. Authorization by IP is possible for those users, who have their own SIP server (own IP-PBX) and have static real IP address.

Polish version of Zadarma website


Zadarma Project spreading it's coverage. We are trying to be the best for customers from every country. Polish version of Zadarma website now started in test mode. Polish version supports Zadarma all functions and services.

New conditions for calls to Bulgaria


Bulgaria is added to the list of the countries with special rates for calls from EU numbers. Calls from EU numbers allow to save up to 80% while calling to Bulgaria. To save money and to get best quality we recommend to make calls to Bulgaria from EU numbers (but not from Bulgarian numbers). Rates for calls to Bulgaria.

New functionality of Zadarma API interface


New functions of API interface will be useful  for all users of Zadarma Free PBX: 1) New fields in PBX statistics (Pbx_call_id, version) will allow to group records for each call and will make easier to monitor each call; 2) Added 2 new types of event notifications: now IP PBX can notify about incoming call on PBX, about incoming call on internal number, about call ending. Also in notifications Pbx_c...

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Absolutelly new statistics system in Zadarma Free IP PBX


Three useful additions in free Cloud PBX from Zadarma: 1) Updated statistics allows to see full routing of each incoming call independently from others; 2) Grafics of PBX show both the work of office and the work of each separate employee or number; 3) Added possibility to transfer also outgoing calls, not only incoming ones.