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Russian toll-free numbers 8-804 for a good price


Zadarma Project starts to offer connection of Russian 8-804 numbers (toll free). Such number can be useful for private companies to open call centers, hot lines, to make promos and pollings. 8-804 number is free to be called on for your users. This number differs by low price on incoming calls for business. Good number choose option is available.

FreePBX security problem!


To all, who use FreePBX. Zadarma security system has identified security bug in FreePBX (all versions). We are sure that hackers found new vulnerability in this software, which not yet officialy fixed. We strongly recommend all users, who use this software, to stop its using permanently or to close your server with the help of FireWall/NAT (if you use Firewall, you can close access from all IP's, except IP's of our servers, the list if IP's is av...

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Widened coverage of numbers in Spain and France


For the first time mobile numbers in France are announced and are with SMS support. The coverage in Spain is significantly widened and prices for some cities are reduced.

Additional volume for call recordings storage in IP PBX


For all users of cloud storage of free Zadarma IP PBX is available a new option: storage volume increasing. New option allows to increase volume of cloud storage up to 10 or 50 Gigabytes, which will allow to keep nearly 1.000.000 minutes of calls.

New conditions for calls to Lithuania and 4 other EU countries


Save 80% on calls to Lithuania! From now, Lithuania is added to the list of countries with special rates for calls from EU numbers. Calls from EU numbers will allow to save on communication with Lithuania. Also updated rates for calls from non-EU countries to 4 other countries (Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland), which is required to guarantee correct non-EU CallerID passing. To save fu...

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