Is there any way to close program?

Yes, but You have to set Zadarma program to be able to shut down.

Let's explain: Zadarma can work in several configurations:

  • «Always available» when You want to receive incoming calls over SIP.
  • «Only outgoing calls» when You want to make outgoing calls over SIP (Zadarma starts when You dial the number over standard number dialing, or start it in the list of programs)

When You set «Always available», there is no point in closing the program: really, the application will be automatically reloaded, when the status of connection to the network will be changed... and You will think "There is a problem, the application si constantly reloading". Setting such configuration, You send to program that You want to receive calls, and it will do all in order to be started and You can receive a call.

But, if You choose «Only for outgoing», an option to close will apper in menu of Zadarma program! As in that case, there is a point to use this option and the application will never be reloaded.