Sound promblems fixing

If the sound goes from rear dynamic of the phone but not from the one near your ear, or there are other problems with the sound, it might be because of the drivers of your phone.

There is an easy method how to fix this problem.

First, change to Expert mode in common settings of the phone, and experiment with the following settings in Multimedia section:

  • Use Mode audio API (try this first)
  • Use API routing
  • Tone hack
  • Use WebRTC implementation
  • Micro source
  • Audio mode for SIP calls

Try to play with each of this parameters separately, and then try to combine. If one or combination of parameters helps, then - good news, Zadarma program works correctly on your phone ;). Please share with us which parameter helped, so that we set it up by default for a given device.

It's possible, that none of these parameters will help (for example, there is a problem with some Samsung models). In that case all we can do is to hope that the manufacturer will fix this problem in a new drivers update. Perhaps, it is possible for your phone to fix the issue, but it would require developer skills and a phone for testing. If you faced a such case, you are welcome to contact us, and we will share with you what needed to be tested in source code to fix the problem.