What is SIP, and how can I use Zadarma Andriod app?


SIP is an open protocol for voice transmitting over Internet.

To make calls you need to install a SIP-client program (for example, our Android app) and connect to a SIP-provider (for example, to Zadarma).

Let's compare SIP to other Internet technologies.

  • SIP slightly reminds HTTP, which is an open protocol for navigation in the Internet.

To navigate through the pages on the Internet, you can use different HTTP clients, so-called web-browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

To surf through the pages, you need a client (browser) and a content provider (your internet provider, who delivers the content to your device through HTTP protocol and your browser).

  • The other comparison, which is closer because it needs authorization, is an e-mail.

In order to send and receive messages on e-mail, you need a service provider (mail.ru, gmail.com, yahoo.com, ...) and a client program (Outlook, Thunderbird, or online-client, for example www.gmail.com). Client application will allow you to use open protocols to communicate with other providers. Same happens to SIP protocol.This means you can connect not only with Zadarma clients via Zadarma Android app, but also with other SIP providers! SIP protocol has addresses, that work like emails.

SIP providers

Although Zadarma program for Android by default is set for Zadarma service, you can use it to work with any other SIP provider. You ARE FREE to choose what provider you want.

Most of SIP providers have free calls in its network (same as Zadarma). In some countries Internet-providers allow their users to call for free on some landlines (with Zadarma you can call for free in plans «Free» and «Standart»)

Usually SIP providers let you create a free account and to call for free within their SIP network, and pay for calls on standard telephone network. We give you $0.5 upon registration to try calling on landlines and mobile operators (details). But remember, Zadarma program does not restrict you from choosing a different provider.

To set the app for Zadarma service, you have to enter your SIP-login and password. You can find them on our website in your personal account under «SIP settings».

If you choose another SIP provider, they have to explain you how to set up your SIP-client in order to connect to their server.

Where I can use my SIP account?

SIP is an open standard and as consequence is available almost on all platforms.

There are other SIP-clients for Android (Zoiper, Linphone, SipDroid ...). We do recommend you to test other SIP clients as well, to find a best match.

There are also SIP-clients for iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, as well as SIP-phones, which can be directly connected to the Internet.

Therefore, after you get yourself a SIP account, you can use it not only with Zadarma app!

Welcome to the world of open communications. :)