What is SIP, and how can I use Zadarma program?


SIP is an open protocol for voice transmiting over Internet.

Zadarma project provides SIP client and in the same time our project is SIP provider. To make calls You need to install SIP-client program and to connect to SIP-provider (Zadarma).

Comparison to other Internet technologies.

If we have to compare SIP with other protocols, which You may know better, then such example will appear:

  • SIP slightly reminds HTTP, that is an open protocol for navigation in the Internet.

For navigation in the Internet You can use different HTTP clients …. they are called web-browsers. For PC exist Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera , and also Android browser for devices with Android OS.

In order to have opportunity to travel on web-sites the browser (client) is needed + content-provider: the one which provides sites.

  • The other comparison, which is closer, as it needs authorisation too, is comparison with e-mail.

In order to send and receive messages on e-mail You need service provider (mail.ru, gmail.com, yahoo.com, ...) and client program (Outlook, Thunderbird, or online-client, for example www.gmail.com). Client application will allow You to use open protocols to communicate with others. The same happens to SIP protocol.

Besides that, both SIP and e-mail are open protocols, You can connect with the clients not only Zadarma, but also with other SIP providers! In SIP there are same addresses as e-mail addresses!

SIP providers

Although, Zadarma program for Android initially is set for Zadarma service, You can add any other SIP provider. You ARE FREE to choose what provider You want.

Most of the providers provide free calls in its network (also as Zadarma). In some countries Internet-providers allow to its users to call for free on some landlines (in Zadarma service You can call for free in tariff plans «Free» and also «Standart»)

So everything depends on You, what You want to do and where You are situated. But, certain, exist one or more SIP-providers, which fits all Your requirements (we hope it's Zadarma :). Most of them allows You to create free account and to call for free within their SIP network, but to pay for calls on standard telephone network (our service after registering account gives You $0.5 for free to make calls on landlines and mobile operators details) But remember, Zadarma program does not restrict You, and You are free to choose any provider You want! It's a free world;) By that we differ from Skype and other closed programs. If You have Sip account, You can give it in Your contacts, and to receive on it calls from other sip providers!

To set the program for Zadarma service it's neccessary to enter Your SIP-login and password, You can find them in section «SIP settings» of Your user account on our site.

If You choose other SIP provider, they have to explain You how to set SIP-client in order to connect to their server, and then You can set Your Zadarma program.

Where I can use my SIP account?

SIP is an open standard and as consequnce is available almost on all platforms.

There are other SIP-clients for Android (Zoiper, Linphone, SipDroid ...). We even recommend You to test other SIP clients, maybe, they work better or fits Your requirements more than Zadarma.

Also SIP-clients for iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, PC, Mac exist, there are also SIP-phones, which can be directly connected to the Internet.

So if You get SIP account, You can use it not only with Zadarma program!

Welcome to the world of communication.