Zadarma Virtual PBX integration with Salesforce CRM

Setting instruction

Zadarma PBX integration with Salesforce works without additional modules and agents, providing maximum service quality and reliability.

Zadarma - Salesforce integration is absolutely free.

Integration functions:
  • Make calls to clients from Salesforce in one click.
  • Use customer pop-up card feature when receiving incoming calls.
  • Listen to call recordings via Salesforce CRM interface.
  • Automatic creation of leads at the time of incoming calls from unknown phone numbers and outgoing calls to new numbers.
Zadarma PBX advantages:
Connect Free PBX
Setup instructions

1. In order to set up Zadarma PBX integration with Salesforce the following requirements need to be met:

  • You should be using Saleforce Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited or Developer Editions.
  • You need to have an activated Zadarma PBX. Required settings: extension numbers should be created, from 1 to 50 (one for each employee). If needed, call recording (Call recording to Cloud) should be activated in “Extension number settings”. Additionally, incoming calls scenario should be set to the default “without pushing” in “My PBX” under “Incoming calls and IVR”.
  • The extension numbers should either be configured to equipment for receiving and making calls (Softphone/IP-phone) or call forwarding to another number should be enabled.
  • API authorization keys can be created in your personal Zadarma account. Go to: Settings - API, click on “get keys”. You will then receive an email with the confirmation link.

2. In Zadarma Personal account go to "Settings" - "API and integrations", choose Salesforce and click on "Activate Integration".

Select one of the options to install the integration application: for 1 user, for all users or for selected users, then click on "Install".

On the next page confirm the user authorization access and click on continue.

In the right top corner of the page, select Zadarma from the menu and then go to Zadarma Settings.

In your Zadarma personal account in “Settings - API and integrations”, copy your API keys from Key: and Secret: parameters to the appropriate fields in the Salesforce integration settings and click “Save”. On Zadarma Settings page, you need to assign extension numbers from the cloud PBX to Salesforce CRM users and to make one user responsible by default. Additionally, you can set up an automatic lead creation at the time of incoming calls from unknown numbers and outgoing calls to new numbers.

In the top right corner of the page, go to Settings, and enter “Call Center” in the search box, select Call Centers, click on “Continue” and click on “Edit” next to Zadarma Call Center. On the next page click “Save”, “Manage Call Center Users”, then “Add Users” and click on “Find”. In the list of users, select the ones who will use telephony and click “Add to Call Center”.

Zadarma virtual PBX integration with Salesforce is set up and complete.

3. To make an outgoing call from Salesforce CRM, click on the phone image next to the telephone number that you want to call or type in the telephone number in the the web phone.

At the time of an incoming call or outgoing call, you will see a notification in the web-phone. If the phone number has been saved in Salesforce CRM before, you will see the details of this client.