Corporate Price Plan

With tariff Corporation You can call to Poland on landline.

To call on Poland You have to pass registration and to choose one of tariff plans in whiche there are free minutes for calls to the Poland:

Calls from numbers in EU
Calls from other numbers
Destination Free
Poland 0*
Poland - mobile 0*
Poland MVNO - mobile 0*
Poland NETIA - mobile 0*
Poland ORANGE - mobile 0*
Poland Play P4 - mobile 0*
Poland PLUS - mobile 0*
Poland T-Mobile - mobile 0*
Poland VAS $0.59
Poland, Warsaw 0*

* This direction is free accordingly to specified tariff plan

To make a call from EU number you need to verify or purchase a number in any EU country, set this number as CallerID in «SIP-settings» or «Internal numbers». You can also place calls from and to different countries under PBX (Outgoing calls).

Destination Free
Poland 0*
Poland - mobile $0.15
Poland MVNO - mobile $0.15
Poland NETIA - mobile $0.15
Poland ORANGE - mobile $0.15
Poland Play P4 - mobile $0.15
Poland PLUS - mobile $0.15
Poland T-Mobile - mobile $0.15
Poland VAS $0.15
Poland, Warsaw 0*

* This direction is free accordingly to specified tariff plan

All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.

After registration You receive $0.5 or 30 minutes for test calls (depending on the tariff). The other free minutes are activated after account refill.

How does it work?

Tariff is valid for services IP-telephony – calls via the Internet. Service is avaliable in any place of the world, You can use it on PC, IP-phone, mobile phone.
To make calls You can use:
Besides all, with the help of Internet-telephone from Zadarma project You get:
  • unlimited calls to 20 countries of the world
  • free direct Russian phone number
  • free communication inside network, and also on some other directions
  • calls to all countries of the world on the lowest tarrifs
  • access to your number from any point of the world
  • "CallBack"


IP-telephony (VoIP - Voice over IP) - gains more and more popularity in the world. Incredibly low price for a minute of call, Internet using, which is avaliable for everyone. make this service more popular and attractive. Cost lowering and rising speed of Internet channels make possible to use IP-telephony not only for calls abroad but also equate quality of IP telephony to the quality of traditional telephone service.