CallBack website widget

Why do you need it?

The CallBack feature has many uses.

For example:

  • The CallBack link is useful if you are uncertain about internet quality (for example, when you are on the road) or if you do not want to download the app.
  • If you do not want to dial each new phone number on the IP phone, you can copy the numbers to the CallBack link on your mobile or laptop. If there are several phones in the office, the CallBack link can be used by different managers.
  • By requesting the CallBack via API, developers can easily add the calling feature to any system.
  • The CallBack widget and the CallBack form for the website are useful if you do not want to miss on sales conversions, and want to call your website visitors straight away.

How does it work?

The functionality is very simple: our server connects to your phone and then the phone of the person you want to reach. Both connections are made via the telephone line or SIP, so there is no need to use the internet or any other program.

Callback way
  • You make a request to our server (for example by link).
  • You receive an incoming call and listen to the message: «Wait for connection».
  • Our server calls the person you’re trying to reach.
  • Once the call is answered, you're connected!

4 examples of using the CallBack feature

All of these examples can be used simultaneously.