Phone database actualization (HLR lookup)

HLR lookup is a service, which allows you to find out if the number is active and if it is in roaming; that will help you save money on calls on inactive numbers.

You need database actualization if:

  • You are not sure if the number is active;
  • You would like to lower expenses on call-center operators’ salaries;
  • You need to know if the contact is in roaming;
  • You need to determine contact’s carrier (nowadays a lot of clients switch providers while keeping the same number);
  • You would like to save up on SMS-notifications sent to inactive numbers.

Cost of contacts actualization

Cost of number check through HLR lookup online - $0.007. For large clients we offer automatic discounts – cost per one request is $0.005.

You can enter the list of contacts in a specific field or upload a file with contacts to an appropriate page in your personal account.

Database actualization is also available through API interface.

To submit the HLR lookup request you need to register on the website and proceed to your personal account.