SIP Trunk

Connect your IP phone system to the Zadarma service for premium quality communications around the world!

If you are a representative of a large business, call center or telecommunications operator, you may already have your own phone system installed. Connecting your system to the cloud allows you to make premium quality calls to any country at the very best rates. You can also connect phone numbers in 100 different countries.

What is a SIP trunk and why do you need it?

SIP is the IP phone system's main communications protocol. If you company already has a telephone system setup, the SIP trunk is the best way for you to connect to the world. This connection is much more reliable and flexible than connecting using the digital phone transmission (the PRI), because you can use several internet connections for maximum reliability.

Zadarma SIP trunk advantages

Maximum reliability: Zadarma's 5 data centers in different countries ensure trouble-free operation.
Zadarma support
24/7 Customer Support in 5 languages: available via chat, a ticket system and phone.
Zadarma voice services
The highest call quality: Zadarma only works with the world's largest VoIP providers, and it only acquires premium quality services with the guaranteed CallerID transmission.
Zadarma company
System flexibility and productivity: 2 000 000 customers have already registered with Zadarma. We connect companies of all sizes and are ready to process any amount of calls.
Special regional Price Plans: Zadarma is the only VoIP project that combines worldwide coverage with local price plans.
Money box
No mandatory payment is required. You only pay for the phone numbers you purchase and for the outgoing calls.
How to connect your own system to Zadarma?

To connect to the Zadarma cloud, your system must support a SIP connection. If your PBX is setup without SIP support, you can connect an IP-phone system gateway to the PBX (using the external telephone line analogue or digital PRI/E1 ports).

  • Using the SIP login and password.

    The easiest and the fastest method that is supported by all equipment types.

    To connect, simply register and copy the connection data from the Settings/SIP Connection section. You can find the setup instructions for popular hardware equipment and software settings on the website. The connection is suitable for small and large systems. However, there is a drawback: only one CallerID (the purchased phone number displayed in the Call Line Identification) can be used for one connection in order to make calls.

  • Creating the SIP trunk with IP authorization.

    Suitable for large call centers and VoIP providers. Enables the transfer of any amount of connected numbers as a CallerID.

    A fixed external IP address is mandatory for this type of connection. You can find more information about IP authorization setup in the "FAQ" section. It is also possible to route incoming calls from virtual phone numbers to your server's IP (directing the calls to SIP URI).