Sometimes you can say more with an SMS than with a full conversation! If textee is overseas, go with SMS from Zadarma.

SMS from Zadarma:

  • Send messages on any mobile number at the lowest rates - all over the world.
  • Available on mobile numbers of 10 countries.
  • Can send from mobile, PC, and our website.


  • United States - $0.059
  • United Kingdom - $0.06
  • Kazakhstan - $0.032
  • China - $0.068
  • India - $0.024
  • Belarus - $0.03

Enter number to get the rate for SMS.

How Do I receive SMS?

Our service allows you to receive SMS with DID numbers of 15 countries:

This is free of charge, and you can use:

  • The Zadarma app for Android/IOS.
  • SMS on E-mail.
  • SMS forwarding on your personal mobile number.
  • The Send SMS tab from our website.

You need to activate reception of messages on page «Send SMS».

SMS receiving is guaranteed from local mobile operators of that country, the number of which is connected (and is not guaranteed from other countries and different Internet services as not all of them qualitatively deliver international SMS).

To activate SMS receiving you need to upload scan copy of passport.

How do I send SMS?

You can send SMS the following three ways:

  • From personal account (Send SMS menu)
  • From Zadarma app for Android/IOS
  • via API

To send SMS from our website, register and log on to your personal account. Click on «Send SMS»

To send SMS from mobile phone, install the Zadarma app for Android.

To send SMS from your PC, install the appropriate application. After installation, click «Send SMS» and you’ll be able to send free SMS and text messages within the Zadarma network.