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Cloud telephony & CRM - The perfect combination for success in sales
Zadarma cloud telephony for Zoho CRM
Enhance your sales strategy with the integration of Zadarma's cloud telephony and Zoho CRM. Explore how this powerful combination streamlines communication, enhances productivity, and provides seamless customer engagement. Discover how these tools can transform your sales operations and improve customer satisfaction.
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A Guide to Switching VoIP Providers for Business Success
Changing voip provider
Smooth transitions: an easy guide to changing VoIP providers. It covers everything you need to know, from assessing your current and future communication needs to researching and choosing the best new VoIP service provider. You'll find detailed instructions on how to plan your transition, ensuring smooth number porting, and setting up and testing your new system. Make the transition and improve your business communication.
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IVR of any complexity - multi-level voice menu via API

The voice menu is one of the most important tools for receiving incoming calls. IVR not only provides customers with useful information, but also directs calls to the right employees or departments. Let’s talk on how to make a multi-level IVR yourself with the Zadarma API.

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Call Center Automation: CRM Automated Dialer, Email marketing and SMS campaigns
Auto dialer
Discover the power of automated communication tools with Teamsale CRM. With automated dialer, email marketing, and SMS campaigns, call center automation couldn't be easier. Streamline your calls by connecting with customers effortlessly. Automated dialer eliminates the need for manual dialing. With email marketing automation and targeted SMS campaigns, businesses can effectively reach their audiences, all within the user-friendly interface of Teamsale CRM.
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Visual Voicemail: Bridging the Gap Between Voice and Text
Zadarma visual voicemail
Discover the future of communication with Visual Voicemail, a revolutionary feature designed to seamlessly connect voice and text. With Visual Voicemail, managing your messages has never been easier. Stay connected, prioritize effectively, and increase productivity with accessible written transcripts.
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How do you make affordable calls to Ireland?
Calling Ireland
Are you looking to set up a virtual number to make cheap calls to Ireland? Zadarma makes calling Ireland simple and affordable. Check out Zadarma’s toll-free, national and local virtual numbers for Ireland.
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Call tracking: the full guide + how to set it up in less than half an hour
Call tracking Zadarma
Are you looking for a marketing tool that can accurately measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, both online and offline? If so, then call tracking might be the solution you've been searching for.
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WhatsApp Limitations and the Role of Virtual Numbers
zadarma whatsapp business
As WhatsApp refines its registration policies, prioritizing traditional numbers over VoIP, Zadarma offers a solution for modern communication challenges. Our virtual numbers revolutionize connectivity, offering businesses the freedom to overcome geographical restrictions and easily engage with their target audience. Discover the future of communication with Zadarma, where flexibility, reliability, and success converge.
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What should you know about 877 codes?
USA 877 phone numbers
Are you looking to understand more about 877 code numbers? Or perhaps you are looking for a more cost effective calling solution for North America? Why not get in touch with Zadarma. Zadarma offers toll free numbers for the United States with a variety of 877 code numbers available.
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How to get a second phone number
Man with a phone
Are you looking to set up a second phone number to assist with your business calling strategy? Or are you simply looking for a second number to better separate your personal and business calls? Zadarma offers a wide variety of local, mobile and national phone numbers at highly affordable rates, all supported by Zadarma's free PBX phone system and additional call management features.
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Understanding the 844 code - A simple guide
844 area code phone number
Are you looking to set up an 844 area code phone number to establish an affordable calling solution for North America? Explore how 844 Toll-free numbers can enhance your customers' experience and elevate your business presence.
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What is a cloud PBX and what benefits it provides?
what is a cloud PBX
The Cloud PBX is a telephone system within a company that enables users to communicate internally within the organization, and externally with the outside world. The Cloud PBX is based on cloud computing technology, it significantly reduces the cost of the phone system and provides companies with a wide range of benefits.
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How do you get a German virtual number for your business?
German virtual phone numbers
Are you interested in setting up a German virtual number? Zadarma offers national and toll-free German virtual phone numbers. This will provide you with an affordable call, easy to use international call solution. Find more information on setting up your virtual phone number for Germany in this article.
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Everything you need to know about VoIP and VoIP phone systems
what is voip
VoIP technology has become a part of daily communications for many businesses. We have organized the types and benefits of VoIP phone systems so you can learn all about them.
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What is call forwarding and how easy is it to set up?
Call forwarding process
Are you looking to set up conditional and unconditional call forwarding to better manage incoming calls for your business? Zadarma offers cost effective call forwarding solutions to existing registered Zadarma users as well as new customers.
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What is the best eSIM for travelling to the USA?
get esim for usa
Are you looking for an eSIM for USA solution? Zadarma’s digital eSIM provides the best local tariffs. The eSIM is highly compatible and easy to activate. This solution holds endless advantages and allows you to avoid roaming charges and unforeseen mobile data bills while abroad. Zadarma provides a variety of price plans across the USA.
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Research Proves The Importance of AI-based Customer Interaction Call Analytics
Interactive Analytics Research
Are you looking to introduce Call Analytics tools into your call center? Recent Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics research proves that it’s about time! Zadarma provides an AI-based VoIP service with call analytics and speech recognition tools. Integrations are fast and free to all Zadarma registered users.
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How to set up a VoIP phone system in 1 day
How to set up VoIP system
Are you looking to set up your VoIP phone system with Zadarma? Enjoy the fast and easy set up process with Zadarma’s Business phone system. Benefit from the additional call features, creating a cost effective, unified communication solution, that will allow you to make and receive calls and texts quickly.
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How can you make cheap calls to Italy? Follow these 4 simple steps
Cheap calls to Italy
Are you looking to set up a virtual number to make cheap calls to Italy? Enjoy seamless communication and reliable call connections with an Italian virtual number. A cheap, easy, and fast setup with Zadarma will allow you to make and receive calls to Italy within minutes.
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Shopify Integration with Zadarma’s VoIP Phone System
Shopify VoIP Phone System Integration
Are you a Shopify user and searching for a VoIP phone system? Zadarma provides seamless integration with Shopify, allowing you to make and receive calls and track orders, all through one centralised solution.
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