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How to set up a VoIP phone system in 1 day
How to set up VoIP system
Are you looking to set up your VoIP phone system with Zadarma? Enjoy the fast and easy set up process with Zadarma’s Business phone system. Benefit from the additional call features, creating a cost effective, unified communication solution, that will allow you to make and receive calls and texts quickly.
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How can you make cheap calls to Italy? Follow these 4 simple steps
Cheap calls to Italy
Are you looking to set up a virtual number to make cheap calls to Italy? Enjoy seamless communication and reliable call connections with an Italian virtual number. A cheap, easy, and fast setup with Zadarma will allow you to make and receive calls to Italy within minutes.
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Shopify Integration with Zadarma’s VoIP Phone System
Shopify VoIP Phone System Integration
Are you a Shopify user and searching for a VoIP phone system? Zadarma provides seamless integration with Shopify, allowing you to make and receive calls and track orders, all through one centralised solution.
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How to get a phone number to call Australia cheaply?
Calls to Australia
Are you looking to make regular but affordable calls to Australia? Zadarma supports Australian expats, regular travelers and commuters to Australia and businesses to make calls cheaply and receive calls for free from Australia.
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Zadarma's cloud PBX - centralised communication solution for your business
Zadarma cloud PBX ecosystem
If you are looking for an all-in-one communication solution for your business then Zadarma’s cloud PBX phone system is a perfect fit. Whether you need a phone system that runs via a dedicated VoIP phone, a WebCRT-enabled browser, or a mobile device, Zadarma’s PBX adaptability covers it all.
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How to choose the right CRM system for your small growing business?
CRM for a small business
There are a variety of CRM providers out there. Some systems are more cumbersome and more expensive than others. What CRM does your business need and how to choose the right one?
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Pipedrive phone integration with Zadarma is easy and fast.
Zadarma phone system Pipedrive integration
CRM integration is one of the most effective ways to maximize your business’ productivity. Zadarma’s free Business Phone System supports various integrations with leading CRM systems including the highly respected Pipedrive sales CRM.
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How to get a phone number to call Mexico?
Calls to Mexico Zadarma
Calling Mexico, from another country, via a traditional phone line can be costly. If you do not reside in Mexico, but wish to make regular calls there, then the easiest, most cost-effective solution is to register with a VoIP provider. You must be careful to select a provider who covers Mexico and can provide you with a Mexican virtual phone number.
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Using a virtual number to activate WhatsApp Business
zadarma whatsapp business
WhatsApp is one of the leading chat applications for consumers, and one of the top messaging applications used by businesses today. The beauty of this communication is that users can respond to conversations in real-time, at their convenience. Whatsapp is free to download. It allows users to send texts, voice and video messages, make calls, as well as share documentation, images and other specific content. WhatsApp has two types of applications. The standard WhatsApp, which is for individual users, with most people using the tool for personal communication. The alternative for business users is WhatsApp Business.
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A Guide to eSIM
Zadarma eSIM
An eSIM is the same as a regular SIM, except it comes permanently embedded in the smartphone device. A digital eSIM replaces the need for a physical SIM card that can be ejected from one phone to another. eSIMs are proving popular today as they have been designed to supersede old fashion physical SIMs. There is no longer a need for the removable plastic card inside your phone.
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The Future of Call Centres
Future of Call Centres Zadarma
Over the last two decades, the world has been embracing digital transformation and as a result the call centre operating model continues to dramatically change. The advances in technology paired with the surge in remote and hybrid working environments has inspired wide spread adoption of VoIP telephony systems across call centres. But, just what will call centres look like in a decade's time?
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Creating an efficient email and call outreach process with auto dialer and bulk emailing tools
Teamsale CRM auto dialer
Effective communication is only worthy when the outreach resonates with the receiver. Sales outreach means engaging with prospects or past customers. This engagement can be done over the phone or via email as well as in person or through social platforms. There is a balance in outreach. Some companies are using robots to deliver their outreach, flooding their users with emails in the hope that at least one response may drive a sales enquiry. Often prospects are aware of the lack of human intervention and aggressive non-targeted outreach often is unsuccessful.
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How To Port An Existing Number To VoIP
Number Porting Zadarma
Switching an existing number to a cloud VoIP solution, allows you to take advantage of much cheaper rates. A VoIP connection delivers improved accessibility, better portability, and higher scalability for your business. Many companies switching to a VoIP phone number, wish to retain their existing number. This is where number porting comes in. The following article explores how easy it is to port your existing phone number over to a VoIP phone connection.
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A Guide to Setting Up An Effective Call Centre Solution
Zadarma Call Center
The primary purpose of a call centre is to offer customers efficient and effective technical support, customer services and sales assistance. A call centre can often be the face of your company, handling inbound and outbound calls from current and potential customers. For many prospective clients and customers, the call centre is where they first experience and interact with your business. The following article highlights some simple steps and tools to consider when setting up an efficient, metric-driven call centre solution.
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Small Business tips to streamline business processes
Small business communication tips
Streamlining business processes is beneficial for improved productivity and cost-efficiency. Optimized processes allow you to identify potential risks and bottlenecks before they become problematic. The following article explores some key tips to streamlining your business processes.
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How to get a phone number in Canada
Canadian phone number
The easiest, most cost effective way to get a Canadian phone number is through a VoIP phone provider. This instantly provides you with a virtual phone number, even when outside Canada. All you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to use your new Canadian virtual phone number.
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What are call monitoring, barging and whisper modes and how can such features improve customer satisfaction?
Zadarma Call Barging and Whispering

Zadarma has recently introduced ‘Call Monitoring', ‘Call Barging’and ‘Whispering' Mode as part of their suite of features offered within the PBX phone system solution. These smart new telephony features are proving popular for customer call centre teams, globally. They are allowing call handling centres and departments to maintain a high level of customer service even during peak call times. Features like call whisper modes and call barging are often valuable to ensure that customers' needs are satisfied and their demands are being attended to as quickly and effectively as possible.

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How to get a UK Phone Number when overseas
UK phone numbers from abroad
From increasing your customer reach to opening your business in new markets, there are many attractive benefits in taking your business abroad. Within this article we will be taking the popular UK market as an example, with overseas businesses wishing to set up here.
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What are the features and benefits of softphones & how does a softphone work?
Zadarma softphone
If you need to make or receive phone calls over the internet, then implementing a softphone at your desk can improve communication flexibility, as well as provide a wide range of other advantages. Softphones are increasingly proving to be a popular tool in unified communications systems that deliver advanced calling features and provide flexibility for remote and in-office teams. This following article explores the features and benefits of having softphones and explores just how softphones operate.
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Zadarma’s CRM Now Offers A Smart Email Integration Service
Zadarma CRM and emailing integration
Customer relationship management is a process in which a business or other organisation administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analytics to analyse large amounts of information. A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. ​​
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