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Cookies represent small files recorded in the browser, which are used by every visitor of our website in order for the server to recognize the visitor during subsequent visits. This information does not reveal your identity and does not provide access to the files and data stored on your device. Cookies allow our system to identify you as a certain user who has previously visited the website, looked through certain pages and so on. They also allow our system to save your preferences and technical information such as visits’ statistics and information on visited pages.

The main task of cookies is to provide the Visitor with a faster access to selected Services.

If you do not want cookies to be stored in your browser, or prefer to receive a request every time cookies need to be installed, you can set up your browser in the right manner. Most of the browsers allow you to regulate cookies in three different ways:

  • cookies are always disabled;
  • browser requests a permission every time cookise need to be enabled;
  • cookie files are always enabled.

Your browser can also offer an opportunity for detailed cookies set up. In particular, usually users can select one of the following options:

  • disable cookie files from certain domains;
  • disable third-party cookies;
  • enable cookies as temporary (they will be deleted once the browser is closed);
  • enable the server to create cookies for a different domain.

You can enable, study, block and reject cookie files installed on your computer by setting up the parameters of the browser of your choice.

Below you can find information on setting up the most popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Menu -> Browser settings -> Confidentiality. To receive additional information you can contact Microsoft customer support or Help section in the browser.
  • Firefox: Instruments -> Settings -> Privacy and security -> History -> Use your storing settings. To receive additional information you can Mozilla contact customer support or Help section in the browser.
  • Chrome: Settings -> Show additional settings -> Personal information -> Content settings. To receive additional information you can contact Google customer support or Help section in the browser.
  • Safari: Settings -> Confidentiality. To receive additional information you can contact Apple customer support or Help section in the browser.

As for the third-party cookies, meaning the external ones to our website, we do not take responsibility for their content and reliability of their privacy policies, so we suggest you to always consult with the original policy.

Below we will provide you with detailed information about cookies that can be installed from our website. Depending on your actions on the website you can install all or several of them.

Cookie name Description
lang, language Language
numberButton Phone numbers select form
currency Currency
adhands_uid Analytics
cf Affiliate program ID
coofi Language and currency helper
cookieConfirm Cookie Policy Notification
Chat_UserID Live chat
lastphone Web phone last dialed number
registrationFormType Registration form type
z_uia User id

This Cookies policy has been updated according to the legal and regulatory requirements, so the users are recommended to reread it from time to time.

When Cookies policy is being updated, Users are notified through the website or by email (for registered users).