Free Zadarma CRM

CRM system is a multifunctional customer relationship management system.

Cloud Zadarma CRM can assist with automating all the main processes without extra costs. The system is fully integrated with Zadarma telephony and PBX, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and – most importantly – is absolutely free, regardless of the number of employees in your company.

Features and abilities of Zadarma CRM:

Clear and intuitive interface
Full and free integration with Zadarma PBX
Joint work of 50+ employees
One-click calls from the browser
Automatic call routing to the responsible agent
Convenient display of current tasks: Kanban, list or in the calendar
Automatic lead creation
Full customer interaction history displayed in client card
Export and import of client database to and from other CRM systems

What is ZCRM?

Our cloud Zadarma CRM solution will help you keep track of relationship with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan your tasks for days-months-years ahead, follow sales effectiveness and agents’ performance, create analytical reports.

  • Create and manage a team (administrators, managers, chat operators, interns and others);
  • Create and complete tasks;
  • Recognize each client that calls you (or interacts with you);
  • Manage clients, employees and leads, create responsible points of contact;
  • Call straight from CRM web-interface or using a softphone.

Why free?

Many of our services are absolutely free and are intended for a greater reach of business-clients. The only condition for ZCRM to work is an enabled and setup free cloud Zadarma PBX.
Email address
First name
Last name
Phone number
Company name
Password again
  • Since ZCRM is fully integrated with cloud telephony and PBX, you only need to register on the website;
  • After the registration, the Cloud PBX setup wizard will activate, in it, don’t forget to leave “Create ZCRM” field checked;
  • After the setup wizard is complete, the system will offer you to enter email address of all CRM users and they will receive invitations;
  • CRM is active as long as the free cloud Zadarma PBX is active. After the registration, the PBX is free for 2 weeks, after that, you need to top up the account with any amount once every 3 months. This money can be spent on virtual numbers and phone calls.