Simple Cloud PBX integration with the largest business systems.

Integration is the best way to maximize business productivity. Cloud telephony provider Zadarma now works with the largest CRM systems and business applications.


Convert every call into a new client. Increase your ROI and oversee the work of your managers at no cost. All Zadarma integrations are free!


Integration only takes 3-5 steps that you complete in a few minutes. Our setup instructions will make the process easy to follow.


Control all of your work online and do not miss a single call from your clients.

Telephony integration with CRM

Integrations PBX and CRM

Integrating telephony into the CRM enables you to control communication with clients through all stages of the sales process. You will never miss important calls and your business will benefit from a complete database of customers' contacts, as well as the communications history. The integration can also help evaluate the work of your client relationship managers.

Cloud PBX integration with CRM systems supports many advanced functions and offers many new business opportunities.

Main integration functions:

Integration with the largest CRM systems:

Zoho Salesforce Bitrix Amo Retail

Integration with messengers


Messengers play an important role in corporate communications. New chat bot features allow you to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing digital world. Discover new opportunities for you and your business through convenient Zadarma integration with popular instant messenger services. Thanks to this useful integration, you can receive important notifications in your messenger, for example SMS alerts to a virtual number or information about missed calls.

Integration functions:

Integration with popular messengers:

Telegram Telegram
Slack Slack
Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger

Integration setup with messengers:

You can set up missed call notifications, and SMS delivery to the messenger of your choice. In order to receive missed call notifications, you need to activate and set up the PBX and to enable missed call notifications (this can be done in the PBX settings or in the messenger settings). To activate SMS delivery, you will need to have a virtual number with the "receive SMS" function. You can buy it here.

Open API interface: integration with your services

If your system is not on the list of Zadarma integrations, or if you are using a system that you have developed yourself, you can integrate it with Zadarma PBX using the API interface.

API - is an open interface that allows you to connect third-party solutions, products and services. When designing the Zadarma API, we followed international standard requirements with a specific focus on security, scalability and ease of operations. Thanks to this, any third-party service can create a seamless integration with the Zadarma cloud PBX.

Detailed description of Zadarma API

Free integration setup