Free Business Phone System

Cloud PBX provides ready-made solutions for your business.
No need to buy expensive equipment and deal hardware and telephone wires. You simply connect to the network via the internet while your phone system is created and maintained on the operator's servers.

Cloud PBX customized to your needs

quick business phone system setup for your office
individual & business solutions
call center setup and configuration
international virtual offices under one telephone network
virtual phone number and toll-free number connection anywhere in the world

Cloud PBX expands the geographical range of your business - company offices and employees can be anywhere in the world

Our modern phone system solutions meet the needs of all types of businesses. Your company does not have to be tied to a particular geographical location so you can create an office or a workplace in any country.
  • small business
  • international business
  • online retail
  • call centers
Connect the free PBX

Simple integration with top CRM systems and messengers

Cloud PBX: keeping it simple

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Zadarma free PBX features

PBX features block icon
Voice menu (IVR)
PBX features block icon
Conditional and unconditional call forwarding
PBX features block icon
Call pick-up and call transfer
PBX features block icon
Auto-response text setup
PBX features block icon
Call recording
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External phone line connection
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Speech recognition and analytics
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Call Statistics (for all employees on ZCRM)

Make and receive calls using:

  • Computer programs
  • iOS and Android apps
  • IP-phones
  • Call forwarding
  • Browser (ZCRM or web-phone)


> 1,700,000
registered users in 160 countries worldwide
Multichannel Customer Support Service
Up to 90%
Savings on a home or business phone system!

In the press

One payment for the whole team
$0 / month
$39 / month
$79 / month
Unlimited calls to the US/Canada
Virtual phone numbers 0 4 8
Toll-free numbers included 0 1 2
Maximum users/devices (int lines) 30 50 100
Free CRM integration
24/7 Customer support (chat, tickets, phone)
Get a discount on the Office bundle for 2 months. After registering, enter promo code and top up your account balance.

Phone bundles include outgoing call minutes and virtual numbers, as well as extended PBX features.

To enjoy all of the PBX features, you need to regularly top up your account balance – at least once in three months with any amount. If a user has not topped up their balance in over 3 months, PBX will become a paid service at $5 per month. Such user will receive a notification, and will have a choice to either top up the balance or disable PBX manually.
After the next payment, PBX will automatically become free - $0/mth.
These conditions are not applicable to bundles (Office and Corporation), for these users PBX is always free and has no limitations.