Free hosted PBX system

Hosted PB is an IP PBX that is located in the cloud in the operator’s servers. You can install it without PBX software, and you don’t need phone wires. Hosted PBX operates only on the basis of the existing network and allows you to take your office anywhere in the world.

Virtual PBX

Free hosted PBX from Zadarma allows you to:

  • get phone services installed in your office in 5 minutes
  • connect to several offices with one network
  • move your office anywhere without changing numbers
  • save on the services of a telephone specialist
  • save up to 90% on outgoing calls with virtual (DID) numbers
  • start a call center on a tight budget
  • connect multichannel virtual numbers in any city in the world
  • forward calls in and out of the office
  • receive calls from our website via widget - it’s free.

With hosted PBX from Zadarma You get all the functions you need for your office:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Conditional and unconditional call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Automated fax receiving
  • Automated welcome messages
  • Auto attendant by schedule
  • Auto attendant by calling party’s number
  • Call-waiting mode
  • Music option in call waiting mode
  • Alternate line
  • Call statistics
  • API interface for integration with other services

PBX is compatible with other free services from the Zadarma Project such as a free Moscow number, free outgoing calls and «Call me» widget for webistes.

How Do I activate Cloud PBX?

Register, log in to your personal account, click «Activate PBX». You can order a DID number in any of 70 countries in the world. Cloud PBX is free for Zadarma users.

Conditions for free usage of IP PBX

If you make just one payment of any amount in 3 months, IP PBX is free. Otherwise, PBX is fee-based: $5/month.

After your next payment, PBX becomes free of charge again.

Users who make large payments will enjoy free PBX for longer. You can pay $50 for 6 months or $100 for a year.

How Do I set cloud PBX?

After PBX activation, the wizard will help you to set the main functions.

Setup instructions