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Cloud PBX provides ready-made solutions for your business.
No need to buy expensive equipment and deal hardware and telephone wires. You simply connect to the network via the internet while your phone system is created and maintained on the operator's servers.
>2M clients
around the world
7 data centers
on 3 continents
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Connect Zadarma PBX

Zadarma Cloud PBX extends your business geography - you can create an office or a workplace anywhere in the world. Virtual Zadarma PBX will connect all your employees into one network while being an effective tool for communicating with clients and partners..
  • Numbers in 100 countries
  • Free business tools
  • Simple setup in 5 minutes
  • Full integration with our CRM
More about PBX features

Business phone system in 5 minutes

1 min
Easy registration in 2 clicks
2 min
Configure PBX using a convenient setup assistant
4 min
Connect a number and install software for calls
PBX is ready for use

Cloud PBX customized to your needs

quick business phone system setup for your office
individual & business solutions
call center setup and configuration
international virtual offices under one telephone network
virtual phone number and toll-free number connection anywhere in the world
Full integration with our free Teamsale CRM and other popular CRM systems

PBX for your business

Virtual Zadarma PBX will help your small business stay in touch 24/7. Regardless of where your employees are located, PBX lets you connect virtual numbers in the required regions and route calls to the responsible agents.

Useful PBX features — call recording and statistics, several voice menus, integration with popular CRM systems, autoresponder for off-hours, conditional and unconditional call forwarding.

If you don't have a PBX system yet. we recommend our free Teamsale CRM that allows you to make and receive calls straight from the browser.

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Virtual PBX is the right solution for an international business, all your company branches can be spread around the world while still being connected into one communication network.

You can connect virtual numbers in 100 countries and communicate with clients in their language. PBX features – call recording and statistics, several voice menus, integration with popular CRM systems, autoresponder for off-hours, conditional and unconditional call forwarding, speech recongnition.

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Store support department, shipping and management — all your online store teams will be available 24/7. With virtual Zadarma PBX you will create a unified telecom network, regardless of your business location or your remote employees' schedule.

You can connect numbers in any region or country, and get a toll-free number. Also, besides PBX functionality, you can also use free Teamsale CRM system that will let you track customer relations, make and receive calls straight from the browser.

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Zadarma Cloud PBX allows you to create a large call-center for 400+ employees, and the number of agents doesn't matter - you are paying only for outgoing calls and virtual numbers. All incoming calls are absolutely free.

With the help of PBX price plans you can significantly save on calls to different destinations. Zadarma PBX features: free integration with popular CRM and ERP systems, call recording and statistics, voice menu, API for integration with other services.

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Easy integration with the largest CRM systems and messengers


Graphic PBX editor

PBX visual editor will help you configure your phone system using block-schemes. Add required blocks, link them together, test your PBX scheme and click Publish - your business telephony is all set up..

Free CRM system

Our CRM system is fully integrated with PBX and has a wide range of features – automatic call routing to the responsible agent, client cards, calls from the browser in one click, task manager and a visual sales funnel display.

Zadarma free PBX features

PBX features block icon
Voice menu (IVR)
PBX features block icon
Conditional and unconditional call forwarding
PBX features block icon
Call pick-up and call transfer
PBX features block icon
Auto-response text setup
PBX features block icon
Call recording
PBX features block icon
External phone line connection
PBX features block icon
Speech recognition and analytics
PBX features block icon
Call Statistics (for all employees on Teamsale CRM)

Make and receive calls using:

  • Desktop program
  • iOS and Android apps
  • IP phones
  • Call forwarding to your number
  • Browser (Teamsale CRM or web-phone)
  • Chrome browser extension
Transparent price plans
Transparent price plans
One payment for the whole team
$0 / month
$39 / month
$79 / month
Virtual phone numbers 0 4 8
tariff_pkg_tollfree_numbers 0 1 2
PBX and CRM users 5 10 20
Free integrations with popular CRM systems
24/7 Customer support (chat, tickets, phone)


> 2 000 000
registered users in 160 countries worldwide
Multichannel Customer Support Service
Up to 90%
Savings on a home or business phone system!

In the press

Get a discount on the Office price plan for 2 months. After registering, enter promo code and top up your account balance.

Price plans include outgoing call minutes and virtual numbers, as well as extended PBX features.

To enjoy all of the PBX features, you need to regularly top up your account balance – at least once in three months with any amount. When topping up with a large sum, PBX will be free for 6 or 12 months. If a user has not topped up their balance in over 3 months, PBX will become a paid service at $5 per month. Such user will receive a notification, and will have a choice to either top up the balance or disable PBX manually.
After the next payment, PBX will automatically become free - $0/mth.
These conditions are not applicable to price plans (Office and Corporation), for these users PBX is always free and has no limitations.