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VoIP telephony provides an opportunity to call any place in the world and any phone number. Call quality will stay perfect and the only condition for making a call is a stable internet connection. Make calls from a computer or phone at the most attractive rates.

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You can make calls from your personal account without installing additional software or from Teamsale CRM via WebRTC

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You can connect apps and programs to SIP logins and free Cloud PBX.

With Zadarma PBX you will get access to a number of features - call recording, speech recognition and analytics, call routing to different employees scenarios, voice greeting, working hours, integration with CRM systems.

With our service, you can make and receive calls via:

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Zadarma app features

Calls from a phone over the internet
Calls from computer
Calls from any website using Chrome plugin
Call forwarding and CallerID setup
Contact list integration
Balance display
Listening to call recordings
Several accounts