Calls from a PC

Enjoy the convenience of calling anywhere in the world without it being an interruption to your work or even needing to hold the phone. You can call any phone number from your PC with IP calls from Zadarma - both landlines and mobile phones. The person you are calling won’t even know you are using a computer.

There are two options to make a call from your PC:
  • Call from our website - fast and easy
  • Install VoIP software on your computer - convenient for frequent use

To call from a PC, you'll need:

  • An internet connection over 0.5 Mb/sec
  • A microphone
  • A headset or speakers
  • VoIP software on your PC

How to start

To call from our website:
  • register;
  • log into your account, go to the "Call" page and begin call.
To call using our VoIP software:
  • register;
  • log into your personal account and go to "Software" page;
  • download and install the software of your choice;
  • setup your VoIP software using the setup instructions and begin dialing.