Become a partner

How does it work?

Have you ever thought about providing VoIP services to your clients in addition to your main business? Many operators and Internet providers do this. Even though this is a nice addition to your business, it is also not the easiest thing to do. You have to invest a lot of time and money to create your own technical base for VoIP services.

Moreover, you will face a lot of risks, both financial and technical. In many countries, providing VoIP services is complicated from a legal point of view.

Zadarma’s Affiliate Program helps you to offer new, additional VoIP services to your users. You get a new source of income without additional investments.

Service Conditions

You can expect a minimum reward of 10% from all payments made by clients that you referred to us. This number will increase with the growth of the client base.

Awards are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. You can withdraw funds as soon as you have more than 100 €/$ in your account. Request an affiliate program contract by submitting a ticket in your personal account.

Please note: To prevent illegal use of the program, we apply the following rules.

How To Become a Partner

Two options:
  • Use a referral link - users you refer will refill their account balances on our website and you get a reward.
  • Dealer account - you refill your own balance, create separate accounts for your users and transfer funds on their accounts.
How to use a referral link:
  • Under “personal account” select “Billing” - "Affiliate program". You’ll get a referral link to place on your website
  • When your client clicks the link we save their data and mark them as your referral
  • They can make payments directly on the Zadarma website
  • When your clients make payments, we transfer 10% of their payments to your account balance
  • To withdraw funds, just create a ticket for electronic payment in your personal account
How to use a dealer account:
  • Get your dealer access to the Zadarma system. To open a dealer account, contact
  • Register your clients and control their balances. They will have their own accounts where they will be able to order our services
  • You accept payments from your clients and refill their account balance
  • Your reward is 10%

We recommend you to use the referral link because:

  • It is fully automated
  • There is no need for additional registration
  • It has a simple payment process