A new generation of VoIP for your business

The Zadarma VoIP project enables you to setup your business telephone system without the heavy hardware and wiring expenses.

Cloud PBX

Take advantage of our free Cloud PBX offer to create a versatile business phone system in a matter of minutes. The PBX supports Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Conditional and Unconditional Call Forwarding, and many other powerful features. With an intuitive software wizard and our clear instructions, even the most non-technical individuals can easily set up the system.
> 1,000,000
registered users in 160 countries worldwide
Multichannel Customer Support Service
Up to 90%
Savings on a home or business phone system!
Over 12 years
Of continuous improvement
5 Minutes
To set up any service
30 000
Phone numbers, in 150 major cities worldwide with a quick and easy setup

Virtual Numbers

Multi-channel virtual phone numbers allow you to open offices around the world in minutes without spending anything on phone equipment. We offer virtual numbers in 90 countries and toll-free numbers for customers to call you free of charge. Receive calls to virtual phone numbers online, or forward them to any phone.

Simple integration with top CRM systems and messengers

VoIP Calls

Save up to 90% on international call charges with the Zadarma project. A range of price plans provide attractive call packages for all usage levels. Additional value-added features include free international numbers, per-second billing, caller's telephone number transmission (CallerID), and our own apps for smartphones and computers.

Free Zadarma CRM

Customer relationship management system is fully integrated with Cloud PBX. Make and receive calls straight from the browser, create client cards and tasks, track your agents' effectiveness. Manage your team and build your business right with ZCRM.

Customer feedback

I am impressed with the stability of telephone communications and the appropriate price that Zadarma gives me. For us and for our customers this has meant significant savings and has allowed us to improve the service and to grow.
Aron Urena-Zaragoza
Aron Urena-Zaragoza
I think Zadarma is a great solution for every business, it is simple to use and it offers a great PBX for free. Zadarma offers a lot of virtual numbers (local and toll free) in many countries and helps our customer support.
Michele Gentilini
Michele Gentilini,
I am really satisfied of my Zadarma account. It is cheap and the service is excellent, allowing my company to have several phone numbers, one for each country which we sell in, as well as an excellent virtual phone central service. Furthermore, the customer support is very efficient and we can get a reply to our query in a few time.
Roberto Bachis
Roberto Bachis,
Managing Director Skincare Developments Ireland Ltd
Ever since I discovered your system international calls have been less costly for us. Your system is really a stress reliever. We used to pay so much but now, with good internet access, we save a lot of money. Thanks for your service. Will recommend it any day to anyone.
Victor Apeanyo
Victor Apeanyo

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