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A virtual phone number is the best solution for people who do not want to limit their business to a specific geographical location.
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Why do you need a virtual phone number?

You can open a virtual office anywhere in the world. Clients and partners will call you on their local phone number, while you can be based anywhere in the world.
Having a virtual phone number in a particular country gives your company a professional business image, and it shows that you care about your customers' experience. Not only do virtual offices increase global or regional visibility but they can also significantly reduce technology costs.
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    Zadarma virtual phone numbers advantages

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      Zadarma phone numbers are multi-channel. Customers can always reach you so you will never need to miss a single incoming call.
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      Free cloud PBX allows you to set up a cost-effective phone system for your business, and it will help you to provide a superior service to your clients.
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      Your office can change its geographical location while retaining all of the existing company phone numbers.

    Toll-Free numbers (800)

    Toll-Free numbers are indispensable when every client call is important. Customers from any corner of the country can call your Toll-Free numbers free of charge.

    Benefits for small businesses (SMEs)

    • Simple phone number reservation and connection
    • Instant activation
    • Easily to set up call forwarding
    • Free cloud PBX helps give your company a well-established and professional business image, even if you are a sole trader
    • Zadarma apps for iOS, Android and Windows
    • Clients can always reach you by calling their local phone number (without being overcharged for making international calls), even if you are away on a business trip

    Benefits for large businesses

    • Cloud PBX integrates with a CRM system, helping you track any number of calls
    • Wholesale discounts and convenient order of multiple phone numbers are available on the website
    • Incoming call forwarding to IP (SIP URI) directly sends the phone numbers to your server
    • API will help you automatically set up the phone numbers
    • "Phone number name" feature

    Large selection and geographical coverage of virtual phone numbers

    More than 30,000 phone numbers in 100 countries are available for purchase and immediate connection.
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