Virtual Numbers from Zadarma

A virtual phone number (DID) is a convenient solution for those who don’t want to limit themselves (or their business) geographically.

Here’s what you can do with virtual phone numbers from Zadarma:

  • Open a virtual office in any part of the world. Your clients will dial a local number and you can receive the call anywhere.
  • Receive calls anywhere, while your caller only pays their local rates.
  • Show respect towards your clients while improving your company's image, by providing a local virtual number in their city.
  • Keep the same phone number, even if your business changes location.
  • Zadarma phone numbers are multi-channel, which means you'll never miss a call.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and open a world of possibilities by using our free cloud business phone system.

With a Zadarma virtual phone number you can receive calls:

Additional opportunities for Zadarma users:

  • Number naming: a useful feature if you have multiple DID numbers. When you set a name for each number in «Settings/Direct phone number», it is displayed on your ip-phone/application next to the Caller ID when a call is received. This name also appears in your PBX incoming call statistics.
  • Call forwarding to an IP address: if you have your own server or PBX, you can route all incoming calls to your server (SIP URI) without any additional SIP authorization. Call forwarding to an external server is free.
  • Choose your own number: only Zadarma Project offers you the opportunity to not only connect, but also to choose your own phone number within 80 of the largest cities in the world. Your personal virtual number options are displayed upon registration, and a search option is available for large lists. Visit «Tariffs/phone numbers» and choose the desired country and city to see if a selected virtual phone number is available.

Getting a virtual number is easy:

  • Choose the desired country and city in «Pricing for numbers», then click "Buy".
  • Register and refill your account balance.
  • Upload documents, if necessary, for activation of your chosen number.

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