Zadarma Call Tracking

Effective service to analyze your advertising

Zadarma’s simple call tracking service allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of different advertising channels. It analyses the number of incoming calls (phone numbers are assigned to the advertising channels) and shows additional call data and client sessions on your website. Call tracking will assist in targeting your marketing spend, improving your Return On Investment, often saving advertising budget.

Static Call tracking

  • It is suitable for off-line advertising channels. The phone number will be displayed in a static way and does not change. A static number can be used across a variety of off-line advertising formats such as on a street banner, within a catalogue or on a pop up exhibition display banner.
  • Each source will have its own dedicated number and if it is dialed, the tracker will automatically determine where the customer saw the information about your company.
  • Zadarma provides clear call tracking statistics within your personal account, allowing you to analyse which advertising channels produced the most customer leads, enquiries and transactions.

Dynamic Call tracking

  • It is suitable for online advertising (contextual advertising, banners, publications).
  • Dynamic call tracking uses several numbers (at least 2). Separate numbers are assigned to each visitor. When the customer calls,the system will determine which channel source, the call originated from.
  • You are able to analyse the overall behaviour of the user on your website through implementing Dynamic call tracking. You can understand the depth of the views, the number of visits, the sources and much more. You can define all these goals within the analytics system (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics, etc.) and go on to refine your marketing targeting more effectively with these insights and learnings.

Advantages of Zadarma Call tracking:

  • Zadarma Call tracking is completely free within Zadarma - you only pay for virtual numbers;
  • The intuitive interface allows for a simple call tracking set process;
  • Call recording and all features of Zadarma free PBX;
  • Integrations with analytics services like Google Analytics;
  • Convenient statistics - displaying all received UTM tags in the analytics;
  • Managing company budget - you will know how much a lead costs for a certain advertising channel;
  • Ability to create a separate IVR (voice menu) for calls to a separate phone number (for example. for clients that call after seeing a specific ad to hear a unique voice menu);
  • Virtual numbers straight from the provider, you don't need to use several services;
  • Connecting most numbers is free and the average mothly free is only 2 dollars.



Yes, Zadarma Call tracking is absolutely free, the only condition is that you need to connect virtual numbers (which you want to use for trackers) for at least three months.

Calculating numbers for dynamic call tracking

Visitors per day:
Calls to country numbers:
Quantity of numbers
Connecting numbers
Cost per month