Corporate Price Plan

Our Corporate price plan offers solutions for small and medium business companies.

The price plan provides you with a package of services perfect for business communication and has a fixed rate, making it easier for you to plan your spending.

Outgoing minutes per month (total)

Calls to mobile numbers in France (from the EU only), Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Poland (from the EU only), Russia (from Russian Federation only), Spain (from the EU only)
1500 minutes
Calls to landline numbers in Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia
2000 minutes
Calls to landline and mobile numbers in 40 other countries
1500 minutes
Outgoing channels
Monthly fee
The amount of minutes (5000) can be increased twice or more (up to 10 times) upon the client's request. The amount of minutes for making the outgoing calls to each region will increase proportionately. Increasing the amount of minutes for calls to one region by decreasing the amount of minutes to another region is not allowed.

About the price plan:

  • Per second billing.
  • Calls within the Zadarma network and incoming calls to virtual numbers (except for the toll-free numbers) are free.
  • Premium, high-quality routes.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
  • No connection fee.
  • The cost for extra minutes out of the bundle is the same as in the “Standard” price plan.
To use this price plan you need to register (upon registration, you will receive $0.5 to test the service), top up your account balance, order at least one phone number and choose the «Corporate» price plan.

40 countries you can make calls to in this price plan:

Rates for calls to destinations not mentioned in this list are available in «Rates for calls on all destinations».