Free calls to 40 countries

All Zadarma users get free calls to 40 countries.

How to use this plan:

When you register, you get 30 minutes of free calls to any of 40 countries listed below. You can also use up to 400 free minutes during the first two months.

To get 400 free minutes, top up your account with $9.5 or more by one payment. Funds on your account can be used any time for calls to paid destinations, or to pay for calls after you use your free minutes.

Enter a number to see if it’s in free destinations


More about the free plan:

  • No additional payments to use this plan.
  • Billing is per minute.
  • Changing your plan from "Free" to another plan is possible when your account balance is lower than $1.
  • We have the following restrictions to prevent illegal use of this plan.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.

The list of 40 countries for free calls:

Country Connection type
Argentina fixed
Australia fixed
Austria (from EU only) fixed
Brazil fixed
Bulgaria (from EU only) fixed
Canada fixed and mobile
China fixed and mobile
Denmark fixed and mobile
France fixed
Germany fixed
Greece fixed
Hong Kong fixed and mobile
Hungary fixed
India fixed and mobile
Ireland fixed
Israel fixed
Italy fixed
Korea South fixed and mobile
Malaysia fixed
Mexico fixed
Netherlands fixed
New Zealand fixed
Norway fixed
Poland fixed
Portugal fixed
Puerto Rico fixed and mobile
Romania fixed
Russia: Moscow, St.Petersburg fixed
Singapore fixed and mobile
Slovakia fixed
Spain fixed
Sweden fixed
Switzerland fixed
United Kingdom fixed
United States fixed and mobile
Venezuela fixed