Personal unlimited EU

The “Personal Unlimited EU” price plan gives you maximum freedom with 1000 minutes for your personal use.

The price plan includes:

  • 500 minutes for calls to mobile numbers in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and other countries in Europe.
  • 500 minutes for calls on landline numbers in all the EU countries and in the 6 largest countries in the world (the USA, India and others).

The price plan costs $12 per month.


  • Per-second billing.
  • No connection fee.
  • “Personal Unlimited EU” price plan can be used to make calls from EU phone numbers only.
  • 1 outgoing line restriction.
  • Only premium high quality routes are used.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
  • Calls between Zadarma users and all incoming calls are free!
  • All the calls excluded from the price plan package are billed the same way as in the “Standard” price plan.

500 free minutes for calls to countries in Europe

Mobile phone numbers
Landline phone numbers
Czech Republic mobile
France mobile
Germany mobile
Greece mobile
Hungary mobile
Ireland mobile
Poland mobile
Portugal mobile
Romania mobile
Spain mobile
Sweden mobile
United Kingdom mobile
Argentina landline
Austria landline
Belgium landline
Brazil landline
Bulgaria landline
Canada landline and mobile
Croatia landline
Cyprus landline
Czech Republic landline
Denmark landline
Estonia landline
France landline
Germany landline
Greece landline
Hungary landline
India landline and mobile
Ireland landline
Israel landline
Italy landline
Latvia landline
Lithuania landline
Luxembourg landline
Mexico landline and mobile
Netherlands landline
Poland landline
Portugal landline
Romania landline
Slovakia landline
Slovenia landline
Spain landline
Sweden landline
United Kingdom landline
United States landline and mobile