Phone numbers in Croatia

Zadarma projects gives you opportunity to get phone number in Croatia on your PC, SIP gate, mini-PBX, mobile phone, and on any other device which supports SIP. Besides that, you can forward your virtual number to any country or the world by lowest prices or for free.

In Croatia, you can get phone numbers in next cities by the following prices:

Area code Destination Connection fee Monthly fee Buy
385(800) Toll-free $0 $3 Buy
385(20) Dubrovnik 1 $0 $2 Buy
385(52) Istria County 2 $0 $3 Buy
385(31) Osijek 1 $0 $2 Buy
385(51) Rijeka 1 $0 $2 Buy
385(21) Split 1 $0 $2 Buy
385(23) Zadar 1 $0 $2 Buy
385(1) Zagreb 1 $0 $2 Buy

   To order number You have to: specify current address (street, number, postal code and city). Address must validate to the region of the city of ordered phone number.


   To order number You have to upload in user interface: certificate of registration copy or passport or ID copy (both sides) and specify current address (street, number, postal code and city).

All incoming calls on DID number are free (except for numbers 800).

All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.

With every number You get 2 lines (2 concurrent connection), lines adding is possible for additional fee.

Choose number option is available in city Zagreb. In other cities currently there is no choose number option.

How You can get DID number?

Number is connected simply in several stages:

  • get registered on our site and log on to SIP account
  • top up Your account on sum equal to connection fee and monthly fee for the first month (in section «Pay»)
  • go to section «Settings-Direct phone number» choose country, city, and order the number

Activation happens automatically after the verification of the entered details.