Toll-free number in France

No additional payments. Connection will take less than 5 minutes.

Activation of toll free number in France. . . . $0

Monthly fee for number 805 in France. . . . $2

Prices for incoming calls

Calls on number 805 are free of charge for those who call from France. The call is paid by the number owner. Price for one minute of incomig calls depends on network:

Network of calling party Cost per minute, $
France - Fixed0.0345
France - Mobile0.08
France - Payphone0.16

- Tariffication of incoming calls on number 805 is per minute
- Number 805 is for calls inside the country only.
- For domestic calls on given number 805 from mobiles or landlines is needed to dial 0805xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your number 805).
- Incoming calls are paid for numbers 805 only. On all other number from Zadarma incoming calls are free of charge.

Number opportunities:

Number 805 in France will be effective for company which works with clients from different cities. Clients will be able to call for free on this number from any part of the country.

Call on number 805 is paid by its owner. Such payment scheme is effective to attract maximal number of clients.

How to Pay:

We accept payments via any popular electronic system. Bank transfers available for organizations.