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Get a virtual number absolutely for free. Zero connection cost, no monthly fees, and free incoming calls - just choose a number and click "Connect"

How to get a number for free?
  • Click Connect and confirm the registration
  • Top up your account balance with any amount once in 2 months
  • You can use the funds for outgoing calls, PBX expansion and more
  • Take calls via the app or forward them to a different number
What does a virtual number in Ireland bring?
Open a virtual office in Dublin with a free PBX. Store information about your clients and partners with a free CRM.
  • Attractive call rates inside the country and to other destinations
  • 2 incoming lines (you can accept 2 concurrent calls)
You can connect one free virtual number to one account, under the condition that it is actively being used (at least 30 incoming minutes per month). We recommend setting an automatic monthly payment to always stay in touch. If you do not want to track regular payments and want to connect more than one number, you can connect a paid number in Dublin with a monthly of $4 (you can connect more than 1 paid number, they also have 3 incoming lines).

Types of connections in Dublin and their cost

Receive incoming calls using the internet
Virtual office (voice greeting, PBX, Teamsale CRM, call recording)
Calls to Dublin
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If you are unable to provide the required information, please consider numbers Toll-free in Ireland. They have fewer requirements.
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