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Note: The option to receive SMS messages can be activated on phone numbers purchased for the minimum of 3 months.

Activation happens after the verification of the details you entered.

Number is provided randomly, there is no possibility to choose number in Latvia at current moment.

Why do you need a phone number in Latvia?
A virtual phone number allows you to receive SMS messages from Latvia, while you can be anywhere in the world. These phone numbers do not receive voice calls and may only be used to receive SMS messages.
Advantages of Zadarma virtual phone numbers in Latvia:
  • free cloud PBX
  • ability to receive SMS for free
  • get SMS messages delivered directly into the messenger
  • service from an established provider with 12 years of experience and 1 million clients

Types of connections in Latvia and their cost

Virtual office (voice greeting, PBX, call recording)
Incoming SMS messages
Calls to Latvia
How can I connect the phone number?
To complete your purchase press the "Connect the phone number" button. To order a phone number:
- specify your current address (city, street, number and postal code)
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