Toll-free 86 in Vietnam

Activation of toll free number in Vietnam
Monthly fee for the number 86 in Vietnam
Connect a phone number

All rates are shown in USD, including taxes

Number connection for voice calls happens immediately. SMS reception is activated after ID verification and 3-month number extension.

Price for incoming calls

Calls to the 86 numbers are free of charge for callers from Vietnam. The owner of the toll-free number is charged for the incoming calls. The cost of the incoming call depends on the region:
Vietnam - Fixed
Vietnam - Mobile
  • All incoming calls to toll-free 86 numbers are billed per-minute.
  • Toll-free 86 numbers are for domestic calls only.
  • Incoming calls to toll-free 86 numbers are charged. Incoming calls to all other Zadarma phone numbers are free.
Why do you need a virtual phone number in Vietnam?
A virtual phone number allows you to open a virtual office in Vietnam in 5 minutes. Clients and partners will call their local landline phone number, while you can receive their calls from anywhere in the world.
Make and receive calls using: Zadarma app for iOS/Android/Windows and other programs, call forwarding, PBX or ZCRM (for business).
Advantages of Zadarma virtual phone numbers in Vietnam:
  • free cloud PBX
  • call forwarding to another phone number or SIP server
  • 2 incoming channels (multichannel number)
  • ability to receive SMS for free
  • trustworthy network operator with 1.5 million clients and 14 years of experience
How can I connect the phone number?
Connect a phone number
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