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«Office Ukraine» Bundle

Any small or medium business can allow itself to have all the advantages of VoIP and cloud PBX with phone bundle “Office Ukraine”. And, most importantly, no need to waste time on complex price calculations.

Bundle region

You can choose a bundle in another region

Just connect a bundle for $19 to provide your office with:

  • 1000 call minutes within Ukraine
  • 50+ features in cloud PBX
  • phone number in Ukraine
  • free minutes of speech recognition

You can also prepay the bundle for a year and receive an additional discount.

The bundle also has free widgets, call tracking and a free Zadarma CRM system for better internet promotion and a more effective website performance.

Activate the bundle

The bundle includes all of the following phone services:

Calls to +380 (only from +38091 national numbers and +38044 bronze Kyiv numbers connected in the service)
1000 minutes
Virtual PBX
Outgoing channels
PBX extensions
Phone number in +38091 or +38044 code
incoming channels on the external phone number
outgoing channels on the external phone number
PBX extensions with call recording
Cloud storage size for call recordings, Mb
Voice menus within PBX (IVR)
ZCRM - client records and calls through browser
Up to 50 users
Video conference hosts
Video conference participants


Phone system bundle cost per month is $17 when prepaying for a year.

Activate the bundle

About the price plan:

  • Per second billing for calls outside the bundle.
  • Calls within the Zadarma network and incoming calls to virtual numbers (except for the toll-free numbers) are free.
  • Premium, high-quality routes.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
  • No connection fee.
  • The cost for extra minutes out of the bundle is the same as in the “Standard” price plan.

You can add number that was connected within the last year for free to your bundle.

The bundle minutes for calls in Ukraine region are intended only for calls from national Ukraine numbers in +38091 code and bronze Kyiv numbers in +38044 code connected in our service. To make a call using a +38091 or a +38044 number you need to connect a number in the personal account, set the number as CallerID on the SIP Connection page or PBX extension numbers. Please note: calls from these numbers are only possible via Ukrainian networks inside the country.

List of countries for calls, Region - Ukraine

Rates for calls to destinations not mentioned in this list are available in «Rates for calls on all destinations».
Ukraine landline, mobile, free virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers in the bundle