1. CallBack-widget for websites

Make clients from visitors on your website by placing CallBack-widget from Zadarma.


  • increases conversion of your website;
  • increases sales;
  • helps clients to make sense of product;
  • decreases percent of refusals.

How it works?

Visitor opens your website when searching goods and services, looks through pages, even probably decides to leave:

  • Zadarma system identifies unusual behavior and shows widget to visitor with offer to connect him with sales manager in 20 seconds;
  • after live conversation with manager with probability 75% visitor will become your client.


Callback widget

Why widget from Zadarma?

  • Zadarma widget is free of charge, you pay only for call to client by lowest rates;
  • Convenient display settings, which don’t bother your clients;
  • Opportunity to set design and text maximally adopts widget for your website’s style;
  • Full integration with all services of Zadarma (free IP PBX, phone number (DID), flash-widget, API and so on);
  • 24/7 support by any convenient way (live chat, ticket system, phone, SIP).

Earlier internet-companies preferred to buy VoIP separately and to make their own CallBack-widgets (to save on calls). Now there is no need to do that! Zadarma widget will connect you with client by your tariff of IP-telephony, including free minutes.

Widget connection is free of charge in 2 steps:

Register Create your own widget

2. «Call me» widget

Having a «Call me» widget on your website makes life easier for your visitors and will increase your business.

When your user clicks the «Call me» button, it places an Internet call on your SIP account.

Your customer doesn’t have to install additional software - all they need is a speaker or headset and a microphone. The call is free of charge for both you and them!

How much does it cost?

It’s free! You can get free calls via Internet or your phone number, using call forwarding as needed. With call forwarding, you pay rates for IP-telephony.

With the widget, you get:

  • Increased conversions.
  • A one-click contact for your customer.
  • A new, comfortable means of communication.

How to Install

The example of button you can see below:

Register in our system and click «Widget for calls from website». Choose the color and design and copy the source code to your site. You can make your own design!