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Mobile Internet in the United States of America
Connect eSIM United States
Only traffic
2 GB 30 days
3 GB 30 days
10 GB 30 days
20 GB 365 days
50 GB 365 days
Operators: Verizon USA LTE T-Mobile USA LTE AT&T USA LTE
  • Don't forget to check if your device supports eSIM
  • The validity period of the eSIM starts from the moment of activation.
  • The time from purchase to activation is no more than 3 months
Advantages of eSIM
Perfect solution for travelers
Stay connected while traveling
Fast connection
Choose country or region of your trip, connect a price plan, complete the settings and it's done.
Attractive price plans
Packages for 7 and 30 days, from $0.02 per MB of Internet traffic
How to connect eSIM?
Register with the service
Choose region and plan
Scan QR code, download and activate eSIM
Enjoy internet and telephony from Zadarma
The best eSIM Internet for the USA
Are you planning a trip to the USA? Then eSIM is your perfect choice. It is fast, convenient, and available online. Unlike regular SIM cards, eSIM offers only mobile internet and uses the best services of American providers for reliable communication. Upon arrival in the USA, simply switch to eSIM and enjoy fast internet access.
Zadarma eSIM also offers the best local rates for connecting to the mobile network, and if you need a local or international phone number, we offer a wide selection of virtual numbers in the USA and over 100 other countries. Without unnecessary hassle or buying physical SIM cards.
eSIM internet + Zadarma telephony
Why Zadarma?
>2 million users
Registered users from 160 countries
24/7 support
Round-the-clock support available in any convenient way
Save up to 90%
Save on phone services for your office and home
Supported countries
eSIM validity period
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Don't forget to check that your device supports eSIM
Only traffic

eSIM validity period starts from the moment of activation.

eSIM has to be activated within 3 months from purchase.