What is eSIM?

eSIM is the result of the evolution of the classic SIM card, the chip has been moved into the device itself, and a physical SIM card is no longer required to change the operator. All you have to do to connect is specify the provider's settings. If previously one needed to find a local provider for accessible and stable internet connection when arriving in a new country, eSIM technology has significantly simplified the process.

How to set it up?

In Zadarma personal account go to Services - eSIM.

First, check whether your device supports eSIM, then choose a country or a region where you will need the Internet, for instance, Asia or Latin America.

Then choose the eSIM duration (duration of your trip) and traffic size you require, click "Connect Package" and "eSIM installation", open camera and scan the QR code.

eSIM activation window will appear on your device, where you need to press Continue on each next screen.

The setup is complete, you are ready for the trip!