Which plan to choose?

1. You make not so many calls (up to 60 minutes per week)

In this case, it's better to choose a plans with no monthly fee or minimal required payment:

  • if you make mostly short calls (not longer than 1-2 minutes), choose «Standart» plan, since it has per second billing
  • if you make long calls (2 minutes and longer) – choose «Econom» plan. It has the lowest rates for calls on all destinations and per minute billing
  • if call destination is in list of free destinations in «Payfree» plan, then it's your best choice

2. You make a lot of calls (more than 60 minutes per week)

  • check if the destination countries are in «Unlimited» plan
  • if it is, and one channel is enough for you, then chose this plan
  • if it is not, choose your plan using the instruction from the first section

3. You make even more calls (1000 minutes per month and more)

  • If it’s still not enough, we will make for you a special offer with a discount for all destinations. For that, please, send us an email with your information (calls amount and their destinations). We will get back to you shortly with all possible variants

4. You forward incoming calls

  • rates for call forwarding are the same as for outgoing calls. For example, forwarding on USA mobile number costs the same as outgoing call on it does
  • you can choose a plan for call forwarding using the same scenarios described above
  • to save money, you can make call forwarding only when WiFi is unavailable, and when you have access to Internet, receive calls over VoIP for free