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Standard Plan

Zadarma’s Standard plan is one of the most popular ones with the users. The Standard plan has been valued for its convenience by Individual users, corporations, and call centres.
  • 100 free minutes in 5 countries
  • Per second billing for outgoing calls
  • No monthly fees pay only for made calls
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Free minutes

The Standard plan gives you 100 free minutes per month for calls to the 5 most popular destinations:
To get free minutes, just top up your account every month (make a payment of any amount).

Calling rates to all destinations

More details:

  • You are billed per second.
  • Calls between users in the Zadarma network are free in all plans. Incoming calls on virtual numbers (except 800 numbers) are also free.
  • You get premium routes with the highest call quality.
  • All rates are shown in USD, including taxes.
  • No connection fee.
  • After you top up your account balance, you get 100 free minutes.

Price plan minutes for calls to Spain, Germany, Poland are only available for calls made from EU numbers. To make a call using an EU number, you need to connect a number in the EU, and set that number as CallerID on the SIP Connection or PBX Extension numbers page.

30 days after your payment your free minutes expire; remaining funds on your balance will be used to pay for your calls.

After your free minutes expire the rates for calls are: USA $0.012, Canada $0.006, Poland $0.09, Spain $0.48, Germany $0.39