Standard Tariff Plan

Our Standard tariff plan is the most popular with Zadarma users. Private clients, corporations, and call centers all take advantage of its convenience.

Advantage of Standard tariff plan from Zadarma:

  • Per-second billing.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No minimum payment.
  • 100 free minutes to 7 countries.

Free minutes

The Standard plan gives you 100 free minutes per month for calls to the 8 most popular destinations:

  • Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg (landlines only).
  • USA.
  • China.
  • Canada.
  • Great Britain (landlines only).
  • Poland (landlines only).
  • Spain (landlines only).

To get free minutes, make a payment of any amount.

Rates for calls on all destinations

More details:

  • You are billed per second.
  • You get premium routes with the highest quality.
  • After you refill your account balance, you get 100 free minutes.
  • In all tariff plans, calls between users in the Zadarma network are free. Incoming calls on virtual numbers (except 800 numbers) are also free.
  • After 30 days from your payment free minutes expire; funds from tariff plan can still be used.
  • Rates for calls on free destination after the free minutes expire: Russia Moscow $0.015, St.Petersburg $0.014, USA $0.012, China $0.014, Canada $0.006, Great Britain $0.009, Poland $0.015, Spain $0.015.
  • All rates are shown in USD and include taxes.
  • No connection fee.

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